Archery at the Tokyo 2021 Live Stream & TV Guides

Date : 23 July to 8 August, 2021
Venue : Tokyo, Japan
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Archery is one of the famous games in Olympics. Are you a big fan of Archery and Olympics, so check out the full details, When & Where can you watch free Archery at the Tokyo 2021 live stream & TV guides.

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Archery in Tokyo Olympics are scheduled to take place in Yumenoshima Park. There are a total of five events [2 men, 2 women, 1 mixed] are planned. A total of 128 competitors are take part in the tournament. Archery at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics will be held on 23 to 31 July, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan.

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Archery Qualifications at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics

There are 128 qualifying places available for archery at the 2020 Summer Olympics 64 for men’s and 64 women’s. The qualification standards were released by world Archery in March 2018.

Archery Competitions Format – Tokyo 2021 Olympics

A total of 128 Athletes are expected across the five events : men’s individual, Women’s individual, men’s team, women’s team and mixed team. The mixed team event is new event added for 2020.

Men’s & Women’s Individual Events

In the individual events, all 64 competitors are expected to enter the competition at the first round, the round of 64. The draw is to be seeded according to the result of the ranking round so the first seed is expected to shoot against the 64th seed in the first round.

Men’s and Women’s Team Events :

In the team events, the top four seeded teams from the ranking round are to receive a bye to the quarter-final. The remaining eight teams, seeded 5th to 12th, ar expected to compete for the remaining four places in the quarter-finals.

The team event follows the same Archery Olympic Round set system as the individual event.

Mixed Team Event :

The competition format for the new mixed team event has not been released as of March 2020.

Participating Nations – Archery at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics

  1. Australia (3)
  2.  Bangladesh (1)
  3.  Belarus (3)
  4.  Bhutan (1)
  5.  Brazil (1)
  6.  Canada (1)
  7.  Chad (1)
  8.  China (6)
  9.  Colombia (1)
  10.  Denmark (1)
  11.  Egypt (2)
  12.  Germany (3)
  13.  Great Britain (6)
  14.  India (4)
  15.  Indonesia (2)
  16.  Iran (1)
  17.  Italy (2)
  18.  Ivory Coast (1)
  19.  Japan (6)
  20.  Kazakhstan (3)
  21.  South Korea (6)
  22.  Malaysia (1)
  23.  Mexico (1)
  24.  Moldova (1)
  25.  Mongolia (1)
  26.  Netherlands (4)
  27.  New Zealand (2)
  28.  North Korea (2)
  29.  Russia (3)
  30.  Spain (1)
  31.  Sweden (1)
  32.  Chinese Taipei (6)
  33.  Tunisia (2)
  34.  Ukraine (3)
  35.  United States (2)
  36.  Vietnam (2)

Where to watch Archery at the Tokyo 2021 Live Stream & TV Guides ?

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