Highest Medal Winners in the history of Olympics

Olympics Games world over are considered epitome of the winning by any athlete and the country. It becomes a matter of pride and honor for the winner as well as the associated means as to they have won in an Olympics games, may it be Gold, Silver or Bronze. Today we will have a brief look at maximum no. of Medal winners in Olympics history so far.

Swimming – Olympics

Michael Phelps, American swimmer is the Olympian in the history who has won most no. of Gold Medal in the Olympics history. Michael Phelps has won total 28 medals of which he has won 23 Gold medals, 3 Silver medals and 2 Bronze medals.

Gymnastics Olympics

On the second spot is Larisa Latynina from Russia. Larisa Latynina is a Gymnasts and has won a total 18 medals in Gymnastics. Of this, she has won 9 medals in Gold, 5 in Silver and 4 in Bronze.

The third spot is occupied by sports persons, Marit Bjorgen from Norway and Nikolai Andrianov from Russia both having won 15 medals in the games history. If we look into breakup, Marit who is into Cross country Skiing has won 8 Gold, 4 Silver and 3 Bronze medals, Nikolai was into Gymnastics and has won 7 Gold, 5 Silver and 3 Bronze medals.

All the above three winners also score the same in terms of individual events wherein no relays or team events are considered. In terms of individual, Michael has won 16 medal in total, Larisa 14 & Nikolai 12.

There are many winners and the list is long since olympics has a long history, we have listed out here the top three winners of the medals who throw a challenge to any aspiring olympics and break their records.

With Olympics in Tokyo 2020 just nearby, let’s see who gets what for their dedication and hard work.