Mountain Biking At the Tokyo 2020 Live Coverage

The rescheduled dates for the 2021 Olympics’ cycling occasions hurl a likely conflict with the Tour de France.The International Olympic Committee has divulged the new timetable for the Tokyo Games, with street cycling occasions occurring in the main week.

After the men’s street race happens on Saturday July 24, the ladies’ is on the Sunday, while the time preliminary occasions follow on Wednesday July 28. Watch here Olympics 2021 Live Telecast.

The 2021 Tour de France is presently booked to show up on the Champs-Élysées on Sunday July 25, which means riders should pick between French Grand Tour or gold decoration aspirations, while those wanting to contend with the check in Tokyo in the wake of completing the Tour will confront the close inconceivable assignment of showing up race-prepared in under 72 hours.

The Grand Départ of the 2021 Tour is set to turn out from the Danish capital of Copenhagen on Friday July 2, with race coordinators ASO having just requested that Copenhagen authorities present the beginning to oblige the Games, a solicitation that has so far been won’t.

This is to a limited extent because of the reality Copenhagen is likewise set to have four rounds of the correspondingly rescheduled European Football Championships between June 12-28, making various difficulties including overstretched inn limit.

“Sorting out the Grand Départ and Euro 2020 all the while implies significant changes for the course through Copenhagen. It is then not, at this point conceivable to go through significant pieces of the downtown area,” Copenhagen Mayor Frank Jensen is said to have revealed to Tour chief Christian Prudhomme in a letter.

In the event that Mathieu van der Poel had looked at the 2021 release as his potential Tour de France debut, he might be compelled to stand by somewhat more. The off-road bicycle occasion, which the Dutchman wants to take gold in, is planned for Monday July 26, which strategically would likely require Van der Poel to parachute down from his long stretch departure from Paris straight onto the beginning line.

Cycling Mountain Bike Complete Schedule – Olympics 2021

Date and Time: Mon 26 July 15:00 – 17:00

Venues: Izu MTB Course

  • Men’s Cross-country
  • Men’s Cross-country Victory Ceremony

Date and Time: Tue 27 July 15:00 – 17:00

Venues: Izu MTB Course

  • Women’s Cross-country
  • Women’s Cross-country Victory Ceremony