Olympics 2020 live in USA with USA Time

Tokyo Olympics 2020 Live
Tokyo Olympics 2020 Live

Olympics 2020 is approaching closer and the games are getting more interesting. If you live in USA and want to watch Olympics 2020 live from Tokyo, we have compiled the options for you to watch the game at your own comfort. Also Watch Olympics 2020 Torch relay live telecast in USA.

Broadcasting channel in US for Olympics 2020 Live Stream :

Japan find many broadcasters for Olympics around the world. In USA, which channel and broadcast provide live stream for Olympics, check the details.

NBC,NBC Sports

The different methods for watching these channels are listed out below.

Watch Olympics 2020 Live in USA Online Streaming Services :

Internet Streaming services are the best options for cord cutter to watch their favourite game online on computer, laptop, tablet or a smart phone. These service providers have directly tied up with NBC sports for streaming of live games that gives them the access to broadcast live games.

  • Fubo TV : Click Here for access
  • Sling TV : affordable but available in selected locations
  • Direct TV Now : Good NBC coverage
  • Youtube TV : Works majorly across all markets and good option
  • Hulu TV : Wide range of access to NBC by Hulu

Watch Olympics using a Standard TV BOX along with an Antenna in USA :

You can still watch the games if you have an antenna connected to your TV and that too free. Most games are broadcast on NBC only for the ones that are shifted to cable channels and online streams may not be available.

How to watch Olympics 2020 online stream on Mobile, streaming devices and console:

An app, provided by NBC sports will stream the services for you, eventhough a valid subscription will be required to login from any of these devices. Mostly available on all platforms, the options will not despair you per your location :

  • Apple iPhone Users : NBC Sports
  • Android Smart Phone Users : NBC Sports
  • Amazon Devices : NBC Sports
  • Xbox One : NBC Sports
  • PS4 : NBC Sports
  • Roku : NBC Sports

Watch Olympics inside USA using a VPN services :

If you are not able to watch any of your favourite games for geographical restrictions, VPN is the best method to solve the problem. Using VPN is very simple and a step by step followup will take you to your favourite page of sports. We suggest the following VPN services that are used widely across the world over with higher no. of servers availabilty and safety :

Express VPN : Click here to Buy
Pure VPN : Click here to Buy

Step by Step guide to Subscribe to VPN :

  • Go to VPN Site (click on any two of above)
  • Choose monthly, quarterly or yearly pack (yearly plan is more cost effective)
  • Pay for the plan and follow the self explanatory steps
  • Subscribe to the sport channel streaming live sports

There are also sports free streaming sites that will provide you access to these games but they are not recommended given the online security aspect.

Facebook pages and twitter handles along with subreddits provide live scores and highlights of the games.