Olympics Medals for 2021 games unveiled in Tokyo

Tokyo 2020
Tokyo 2020

Olympics are scheduled to start on 23th July 2021 and exact one year before on 24th July 2019, One year to go ceremony was organized where in the medals for the upcoming games were unveiled by the organizers.

Unveiling the Gold, Silver & Bronze medals, the organizers were happy and confident of delivering the games on time. This is the second time after 1964 that Japan has been hosting Olympics games. Also See : Football At the Olympics 2020.

The excitement about the games is ever increasing and the figures speak about the volumes. There are around 3 millions tickets that are already sold. Around Two Hundred Thousand people have showed their interest for being volunteer for the games.

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Saying this there have been certain hurdles that the organizers have faced such as resignation of the president of the committee on corruption scandal . There are concerns over the summer and as to how hot it can get which can affect the performance of the sportsmens. For the reason the schedule of timing of certain events have been reschedule making them early by one hour in the morning and in the evenings. Also See : Badminton at the Olympics 2020

There are also possibilities of air-conditioned lounges for the athletes and ice baths at the athlete village and at the venues to make it comfortable.

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