Options to watch Tokyo Olympics 2020 in Singapore

Olympics in Singapore
Olympics in Singapore

Singapore is a sports loving country along with being one of the major tourist destinations of the world. The sports loving community is eagerly awaiting the start of the olympics games.

Singapore is also one of the early nations to modernize broadcasting to digital format in the early evolving years. Let’s have a look at different options available in the country to watch the games of Olympics 2021live.

Broadcasting Rights Olympics 2020 in Singapore :

Country Channel
Singapore Mediacorp
Asia Dentsu

Ways of Streaming Olympics 2020 Online in Singapore :

If you are not able to watch on TV, thanks to the current digital world, you get a lot of options stream your favourite game, get live updates, highlights of the game and much more at your own comfort. Let’s have a look.

Watching Olympics 2020 in Singapore through VPN Services :

VPN is the best option in case you are facing geographical restrictions to watch any of your favourite game. Using VPN is very simple and a step by step followup will take you to your favourite page of sports. We suggest the following VPN services that are used widely across the world over with higher no. of servers availabilty and safety :

Express VPN : Click here to Buy
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Social Media to Stream free Online Olympics 2020 & Live Socre updates :

Facebook : If you search facebook with olympics 2020, you will get a lot of search results of which there will be few pages that keep you posted about the live feed and score of the games taking place at the sport arena. Follow your favourite and you may enjoy live updates

Twitter : A twitter handle of the game will also provide you with live news and updates.

How to watch Olympics 2020 on Mobile Apps, Internet and Online

The above social media apps are available on any smart phone and watching live scores of the games is not far away.

There are also sports free streaming sites that will provide you access to these games but they are not recommended given the online security aspect.

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