Softball Player Yamada Eri make positive use of time during Covid Pandemic

Tokyo Olympics in MENA

Yamada Eri, the first gold medal winner in softball at Olympic Games Beijing 2008 is currently the captain of national team of Softaball gunning for another gold at Tokyo 2020/2021.

Yamada revealed that when the Olympic flame arrive in Japan in March, she was a little nervous and was under pressure of winning the game and performance in Olympics games.

She revealed that time at home was used in a positive manner to analyse her game and also of rivals.

She took on to social media to reveal her thoughts and feelings about the game and olympics as a whole. In one of her tweets she posted the following:

“For me, Tokyo 2020 will serve as a milestone to decide whether to continue playing softball or head in a different direction. I certainly hope to gain a gold medal at the high-profile event, not for my honor or prestige, but to express my gratitude to everyone and everything that has allowed me to stick to being a softball player all these years.

My hope is to empower people through our games, inspire them to take on new challenges, and give them courage, which, in turn, will give a lot of meaning to my softball life.

We will make the most of our extra preparation time by spending each precious day rigorously exploring ways to win the gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Games.”

With Olympics 2020 postponed to 2021, it becomes a matter of watching if all the players are stretching themselves or any of them is not able to participate for some personal reasons.

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