Swimming history in Olympics games with highest tally of medal winning nations

Tokyo Games 2021
Tokyo Games 2021

Swimming is one of the most popular games at Summer Olympics in terms of viewers and spectators. It is played ever since 1912 in every summer Olympics and has evolved in techniques as well as records since then with highest no. of events in Olympics only after athletics and gymnastics.

In early olympics, competitions were held in open water reservoirs such as sea or an artificial lake. In 1908, the first 100 meter pool was built in and in 1912 electrical timings were introduced.

Top 5 countries in terms of overall medal winning in swimming in Olympics history till date

Country Gold Silver Bronze Total

USA 246 172 135 553
Australia 60 64 64 188
Germany(E) 38 32 22 92
Hungary 28 25 20 73
Jap an 22 26 32 80