US Software Co. Intel partners with Tokyo Olympics for Esports

Tokyo Olympics in MENA

Esports are recently introduced in some tournaments which are becoming popular these days.

For the upcoming Summer Olympics 2021 to be held in Tokyo, Esports will be included as a part of the game and the lovers of these games are wondering on how to watch esports games of olympics live ?

The company will launch its own Intel World Open esports tournament which will feature two different game titles. The event, which builds on Intel’s first esports competition held at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, will feature Capcom’s Street Fighter V and Psyonix’s Rocket League, with qualifiers set to begin early next year.

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Both these events will have prize pool of $ 250,000 each.

So, far esports are been included in the Olympics by the IOC committee due to the structure of the games and violence involved. However, Intel official have met the IOC committee and explained the features and entertainment people will enjoy in the game online.

GM of Intel’s Olympics program, Mr. Rick Echevarria has said that Intel is focused on delivering world class technology integrations at Tokyo 2020 to improve the overall experiece of the athletes, viewers across stadium and far off and all the organizers.

So if you are looking to the Tokyo Olympics 2020-21 from your place, there are host of options that are available for you. You may head to our HOME page for country wise tokyo 2021 broadcasting details and options to watch the game online.