What New Sports will be added in Summer Olympics 2020 Season

There are five new sports that are going to add to the sports in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 season which will add up the excitement among the viewers. Karate, Surfing, Skateboarding, Baseball and Sport Climbing are the five games that are added this season.

Every four years, in the summer olympics as well as in the winter olympics, games are added or retracted as the case may be. These sports have been long awaiting their addition and these sports lovers are already welcoming the decision.

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Karate is one such sport for which the entry is seen as late since the other forms of martial arts such as Judo and Taekwondo are already being contested in Olympics since long time. Both Kata & Kumite will be played in three weight categories for men and women.


The other four sports are also welcome considering their regional popularity such as baseball in Japan. They have been added keeping the broader sportsmanship in mind and to encourage every form of sport that doesnot have other side impacts overall.

Proper infrastructure setups are being made sportswise artificially and whereever possible natural grounds will be taken to keep things interesting and that the viewers enjoy the game with full interest.