Tokyo Olympics Women Soccer Team Streaming, Dates, TV Schedule, Start Time & Results

The 2020 summer Olympics are not too far off in the wake of being rescheduled considering the progressing Covid pandemic. The mid year competition will be held in Tokyo, Japan and gatherings have been drawn for Olympic soccer rivalries. The United States ladies’ public group were brought into a gathering of death G with old adversaries Sweden just as Australia, and New Zealand.

The 2016 gold medalists, Germany, will pass up the Olympics subsequent to neglecting to qualify through their mid 2019 World Cup exit. France were disposed of in 2019 World Cup quarterfinals and furthermore missed the cut. Europe will be addressed by the Netherlands, 2019 World Cup other participants, and Great Britain.

Women’s Olympic soccer groups 

  • Group E: Japan, Canada, Great Britain, Chile
  • Group F: China PR, Brazil, Zambia, Netherlands
  • Group G: Sweden, USA, Australia, New Zealand

Group stage

Wed., July 21Group EGreat Britain vs. Chile  3:30 a.m.TBDSapporo
Wed., July 21 Group F  China PR vs. Brazil4 a.m.TBDMiyagi
Wed., July 21Group G  Sweden vs. United States4:30 a.m.TBDTokyo
Wed., July 21Group E  Japan vs. Canada6:30 a.m.TBDSapporo
Wed., July 21Group F  Zambia vs. Netherlands7 a.m.TBDMiyagi
Wed., July 21Group G  Australia vs. New Zealand7:30 a.m.TBDTokyo
Sat., July 24Group EChile vs. Canada3:30 a.m.TBDSapporo
Sat., July 24  Group FChina PR vs. Zambia4 a.m.TBDMiyagi
Sat., July 24  Group GSweden vs. Australia4:30 a.m.TBDSaitama
Sat., July 24  Group EJapan vs. Great Britain6:30 a.m.TBDSapporo
Sat., July 24  Group FNetherlands vs. Brazil7 a.m.TBDMiyagi
Sat., July 24  Group GNew Zealand vs. United States7:30 a.m.TBDSaitama
Tue., July 27Group GUnited States vs. Australia4 a.m.TBDKashima
Tue., July 27Group GNew Zealand vs. Sweden4 a.m.TBDMiyagi
Tue., July 27Group EChile vs. Japan7 a.m.TBDMiyagi
Tue., July 27Group ECanada vs. Great Britain7 a.m.TBDKashima
Tue., July 27Group FNetherlands vs. China PR7:30 a.m.TBDYokohama
Tue., July 27Group FBrazil vs. Zambia7:30 a.m.TBDSaitama


Fri., July 30Quarterfinals2E vs. 2F4 a.m.TBDMiyagi
Fri., July 30Quarterfinals1E vs. 3FG5 a.m.TBDKashima
Fri., July 30Quarterfinals1G vs. 3EF6 a.m.TBDSaitama
Fri., July 30Quarterfinals1F vs. 2G7 a.m.TBDYokohama


Mon., Aug. 2Semifinals1F/2G vs. 2E/2F4 a.m.TBDKashima
Mon., Aug. 2Semifinals1E/3FG vs. 1G/3EF7 a.m.TBDYokohama

Bronze medal match

Thurs., Aug. 5BronzeTBD vs. TBD4 a.m.TBDKashima

Gold medal match

Thurs., Aug. 5GoldTBD vs. TBD10 p.m.TBDTokyo